Costs of interim managers

The basis for the remuneration of an interim manager is a contract of service. This agrees on a daily rate, which depends on the following:

• Length of employment
• Number of working days
• Type of job
• Scope of responsibilities

In the case of placements abroad, a surcharge is normal for the stresses of isolation, climate and inconvenience. This is calculated in line with Mercer index values.

Only the actual days worked are invoiced. The daily rate is charged in EURO.

Travel and overnight expenses, as well as any expenditure arising from the interim contract, will be billed directly to the client by the interim manager within the scope of the customer’s normal guidelines on travel expenses. In the event of foreign travel, the basis for refunding expenditures in local currencies is the charging of the interim manager’s credit card.

In the case of foreign contracts, travel days will also be billed as workingdays.

A 6-day week applies in some target countries, so 26-28 day rates/month may occur.

The costs of interim managers are variable rather than fixed costs. Interim managers are not included in the headcount.  Zeit ist Geld   Thorwald Hoffmann  footer 01